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User Testimonials Tinibrush® ELEVEN

  • Thanks to the Tinibrush® ELEVEN, the chronic neck pain, which I had since a back injury has disappeared; now I’m able to do military service again. (H.O.)
  • Using the brush over my neck with Tinibrush® ELEVEN has soothed the acute neck pain that I had from my job. The Massage brush gave me immediate relief. (M.J.)
  • My fingers were not swollen in the mornings from the moment I used the magnetic Tinibrush® ELEVEN Massage brush. (B.W.)
  • Everyday I use the massage brush – so does my husband, who was a skeptic at first! My frontal headaches disappeared very quickly. So did my toothache after a root canal treatment. I can feel an increased blood flow in my head, when I brush Tinibrush® ELEVEN over my hair. (L.T.)
  • The massage brush is very good! In the morning I have neck pain and when brushing Tinibrush® ELEVEN over my neck, I immediately feel better. (S.I.)
  • Sincerely, congratulation for this invention! (K.M.)