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Tinibrush® ELEVEN

Tinibrush® ELEVEN

The Tinibrush® ELEVEN is an innovative, magnetic massage instrument with a unique scissor grip design and a snap-on magnetic massage head with 11 gold-coated magnets.


The impact is based on health-promoting empirical experiences with magnets. Its strong magnetic field density of ca. 13000 Gauss allows a magnetic influence – about an inch depth into any surface. Its biophysical dynamic forces lead to a more effectively blood circulation with large energetic benefit for the whole body. The magnetic field strength causes oxygen fluidity in the tissue and acts in revitalizing, regenerating and energizing the metabolism. Tinibrush® ELEVEN accelerates the transport of charged particles in its effective range.

It can be used in Conventional and Integrative Medicine. (i.e. pain therapy for rheumatism, pain therapy in plastic surgery, wound healing and scar therapy; dental medicine; cosmetic medicine in skin care, scar therapy and anti-aging; sport and rehabilitation medicine; complementary medicine; biological medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine)

Tinibrush® ELEVEN might aid in disease prevention. Information carrying electromagnetic oscillations guide all chemical processes in the body. If transmission is incorrect, they are misdirected and can lead to disease.


Tinibrush® ELEVEN is impressive with its function and design. Unique is the avant-garde design of the grasp due to its scissor design – thus it allows better handling, especially very helpful for people suffering from rheumatic diseases. The possibility to change the massage head's angle to various positions makes TINIBRUSH® ELEVEN suitable for everyone and guarantees ideal handling of the massage brush.

Tinibrush® ELEVEN


Tinibrush® ELEVEN activates the QI vitality force – the whole of all energies. Tinibrush® ELEVEN is used in classical acupuncture treatment and in Micro-Acupuncture-Point-Systems (MAPS) therapy. For instance, moving the Tinibrush® ELEVEN quickly between the palms of your hands harmonizes acupuncture many points of the Korean hand acupuncture system and stimulates by reflex mechanims the neck’s C6-, C7- and C8 spinal nerves.

Brush Tinibrush® ELEVEN gently over body parts to rejuvenate the renewal of skin cells. The skin can become stronger and tighter, gaining refinement and smoothness. Tinibrush® ELEVEN opens the skin pores more effectively and rapidly for creams to penetrate deeper into the skin. Tinibrush® ELEVEN works also through your clothes.


As for all magnetic appliances, people with severe diseases, metal carriers or pregnant women should ask their physician or dentist before using Tinibrush®. The inventor Paolo Tini MD does not take any responsibility. The use of Tinibrush® does not ensure to heal any diseases.


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