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Contact information

Tinibrush® for Switzerland:
Bioregulatory and Integrative Medicine
Acupuncture - TCM (ASA/SACAM)
Paolo G. Tini M.D.
E-Mail: praxistini [at] gmail.com
Dr. med. P. Tini
Tinibrush® for USA, Canada and GB:
Prevention Programmes / Healthy Life
Ms. Diane Stevens
E-Mail: dianerstevens [at] gmail.com
Tinibrush® for GB, Poland and Russian Federation:
Ms. Daria Krzeminksa
Naturopath (ND), Nutritional Therapist
Orthomolecular Medicine Practitioner
Tel. (UK) +44 782 444 6942
Tel. (PL) +48 662 900 663
E-Mail: sunhealth [at] live.co.uk
Web: sunhealth-institute.org
Tinibrush® for Austria:
Birkmayer NADH
Prof. Dr.med. Dr.chem. Jörg Birkmayer
Schwarzspanierstrasse 15, 1090 Wien A
Tel.: +43 664 5041744
E-Mail: info [at] birkmayer-nadh.com
Tinibrush® for France and Belgium:
Mr. Alexandre Wolf Grauer
Native Delicatessen SAS
55 rue de la Fontaine au Roi, 75011 Paris FR
Tel.: +33 09 82 25 05 06
E-Mail: alexandre.grauer [at] ...
Web: precieusesante.com

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